Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Koh Kred.
One of my new favorite places in the world.
Friday night, two of my house-mates, Casey and Grace, and I headed to Thailand for the weekend. We arrived in Bangkok and went straight to a hotel to meet Grace's Thai friends who were having a drink to celebrate a spiritual birthday. After a morning devo at a pretty little park in the city and breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant (with delicious food, of course), we saw much of the city from our boat ride up the river. Nong (far right), Anna (far left ), and Nu took us north of Bangkok to the province of Nanthaburi. The six of us crammed into a tuk tuk which took us to a small market. I bought a hat for my grandmother, walked through the sand-filled rice bag walkway, and took a ferry boat just across the Chao Phraya river. I had no idea that I would spend the day in a charming pottery village on the water.

We walked around the market on the island and then had Thai green curry on the water. And then, we rented bikes for 40 baht and explored the island! It was so relaxing and beautiful to breahe fresh air and see so much nature. It is hard to explain how awesome it was so I'll just show you!

I definitely hope return one day and rent a little bungalow on the water for a few days. Thursday I'm heading to Siem Reep for 3 days! Right now, I'm at the pool grading papers and relaxing with Kendra from Kenya. No school until Monday!!

I am one lucky girl ;)